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Episode 100 Special: Licking Machine, Aliens, Elves, Dr. Phil, and More

We made it! Episode 100 is here, so it's time to celebrate with a special 100th Episode Celebration where Nick quizzes Brandon on the results of a very...unique...listener-submitted questionnaire.

TOPICS 10ish Pod listeners tend to side more with Nick or Brandon in debates?, sleeping naked in a bathtub full of snakes, who really ate the Atlanta airport hotdog?, rubbing baby oil on Dr. Phil vs. Donald Trump, Brandon's Body Elves, are aliens living among us?, "Santa Baby", naked preachers, what will be the state of humans in 10,000 years?, The Licking Machine, purple nurples, our listeners' favorite movie genres, peanut butter as water, silver-tongued devil, Mark Zuckerberg's sunscreen, colonizing Mars, clenched butt cheeks, and MUCH more.

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10ish Podcast, top 10, Top 10 Lists, Comedy Podcast, Edutainment


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10ish Podcast, top 10, Top 10 Lists, Comedy Podcast, Edutainment

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