About the Show

The 10ish Podcast is a comedy and edutainment podcast covering a different Top 10ish list every week.


Examples include: Highest grossing films ever, worst U.S. presidents, deadliest animals, best-selling video games, most visited websites, deadliest cults, and much more.


Plus: fun facts, trivia, hot takes, and hot dogs. 150+ episodes and counting, with new episodes every Wednesday!

The 10ish Podcast is a proud member of the Blue Wire podcast network.

Launch Date:

August 2018

Release Schedule:

Every Wednesday

Meet the Host

...and Sidekick Host


Nick is the sole founder, creator, intellectual property owner of the 10ish Podcast. Nick is the host of the show.

When he's not carrying his sidekick host on his back, some of Nick's favorite interests include Stephen King, Seinfeld, true crime, conspiracy theories, horror and the macabre, Nirvana, dogs, kitty cats, and...his family, I guess. Nick also once saw a disgusting man engulf a sweaty airport hotdog over a trash can in the Atlanta airport. #HotDogBrandon

Nick's Favorite Podcasts: 

  • Last Podcast on the Left

  • Unresolved Podcast

  • The Losers' Club: A Stephen King Podcast

Follow Nick on Social Media: 

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
10ish Podcast Host Brandon Coffman


Brandon is the 50/50 equal co-host of the 10ish Podcast. 

He has a family, a dog, a home and – most importantly – a Nintendo Switch. His other interests include documentaries, conspiracy theories, UFOs and other high strangeness, football, the OKC Thunder, LEGO, Star Wars, comics, Stanley Kubrick, and music.

He has never eaten a hotdog in an airport, nor over a trash can. #HotDogNick

Brandon’s Favorite Podcasts:

  • Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave

  • Song Exploder

  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

Follow Brandon on Twitter:

  • Twitter
10ish Podcast Host Brandon Coffman


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