Ep. 50: Most Popular Top 10 Lists of the Year

We made it to Episode 50 without killing each other! To celebrate, we're revealing the most popular Top 10ish Lists we have covered so far, based on number of downloads per episode.

PLUS...what do other listeners like you find most interesting, trends and insights among the Top 10, reflecting on past episode side-topics, reading the favorite fun facts listeners learned from the 10ish Podcast, sexual attraction to Donald Trump, more on Brandon's inflatable family, peanut butter vs. water (AGAIN), detachable butts, how many lists in the Top 10 are Nick's vs. Brandon's, time travel assassinations, how much would it cost to bathe with snakes, Bill Cosby's tweets, scary frogs, selfish criminals, Ted Bundy's killing spree, booty-clapping, and MUCH more!

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10ish Podcast, top 10, Top 10 Lists, Comedy Podcast, Edutainment, top 10

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10ish Podcast, top 10, Top 10 Lists, Comedy Podcast, Edutainment, top 10

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